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5290f5b3-5703-4384-a83c-6e7f8009155aETLAW’s annual YWCA charity event was once again a success. In all, our group made 356 complete toiletry bags with soap, shampoo, conditioner, a washcloth, a razor, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant and 55 partial toiletry bags as welcome gifts for the current and future residents of the YWCA. In addition, ETLAW members donated 64 grocery gift cards totaling $640.00 and 7 sheet sets for the YWCA. Marigail Mulligan, CEO, and Alle Lilly, Director of the Residential Housing Program, thanked ETLAW for its generosity and gave the group some insight into how its seemingly small gesture impacts the women at the YWCA.