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On May 17, 2017, Maryville attorney Kevin Shepherd coached ETLAW members through six ethical dilemmas. Kevin’s creative scenarios prompted a lot of discussion among members on how to approach sticky situations, such as what to do when you learn a former client is engaged in bigamy and the second, unknowing wife now wants a divorce. Kevin cited ethics opinions and model rules to help ETLAW members understand the best approach to each scenario. ETLAW members received 1 hour of ethics credit for this CLE.

Kevin has been practicing for over thirty years, with a career starting in criminal law. He worked in both the offices of the District Attorney and the Public Defender, where he learned that the people need individualized legal support. So, he founded his law firm to meet that need. One area of focus for Kevin is family law, and he assists clients in issues of divorce, spousal support, child custody, adoption, grandparent rights, and more. Kevin maintains a blog where you can read more about his perspective on his work.