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The KBA Annual Meeting was held on Friday, December 2013. The ties between the KBA and ETLAW are strong. Several ETLAW Members hold KBA offices, were elected as officers, and were honored at the meeting. KBA President, Heidi Barcus, called the meeting to order, recognized dignitaries and new members, and was honored for her diligent work leading the KBA over the past year. Tasha Blakney was elected as President-Elect. She will serve as KBA President in 2015. Amanda Busby was elected as Secretary. Adrienne Anderson’s hard work as General Counsel to the KBA was recognized. The elections for the three available Board of Governors positions were contested and two of those elected are ETLAW members: Wynne Caffey and Dawn Coppock. The DICTA Award was presented to Cathy Shuck. The Ethics Bowl Trophy was awarded to Samantha Parris and Steve Collins. Barristers President Katrina Atchley Arbogast presented the Barristers Report and was honored for her work the past year leading the Barristers. Terry Woods gave the Pro Bono Project Update. The recent loss of Don Paine, an early ETLAW member, was acknowledged by several of the speakers. Terry Woods announced that a Donald F. Paine Hall of Fame for pro bono work will be established in his honor. Heidi Barcus announced that a new KBA award, the Don Paine Legacy Award, is also being established in his honor. ETLAW members are active on many KBA committees and participate in many KBA activities. We are proud to be a vital part of Knoxville’s active and collegial Bar.