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Happy 2024 and congratulations to our newly established 2024 Board of Directors! In addition to our standard business, we elected our new officers and welcomed new committee members at our Annual Meeting in December. And here are their names and titles:

  • President: Allison Starnes-Anglea
  • President-Elect: Bianca White
  • Secretary: Jennifer Franklyn
  • Treasurer: Katie Ogle
  • Historian: Stephanie Coleman
  • Corporate Compliance Committee Chair: Christina Magrans-Tillery
  • Programming Committee Chair: Bridget Pyman
  • Membership Committee Chair: Caitlin Torney
  • Community Outreach Committee Chair: Adriannette Williams

Special thanks also goes to our 2024 committee member volunteers and 2023 Nominating Committee:

  • Corporate Compliance Committee: Courteney Barnes-Anderson
  • Programming Committee: Baily Bowers & Jennifer Egelston
  • Membership Committee: Emily Cala, Katie Jones, & Madeline Leonard
  • Community Outreach Committee: Emily Cala
  • 2023 Nominating Committee: Anna Swift, Allison Starnes-Anglea, Caitlin Torney, Elizabeth Carroll, & Stevie Swanson

These ladies are sure to make another great year for ETLAW—can’t wait to see what’s in store under their watch!

If you have any ideas, questions, or comments for the Board, please feel free to reach out to any officer (e-mail addresses included in the monthly newsletter) or e-mail etlawpresident@gmail.com. We love hearing from you!